Protecting futures

Farmers in Ethiopia are facing extreme drought after a fourth season without rain. They are at risk of losing everything.

Will you stand with farming communities today so they can thrive whatever the future holds?

Building a prosperous rural Africa

Farm Africa reduces poverty by helping farmers in eastern Africa to grow more, sell more and sell for more.

With our help, rural families are growing their incomes while also protecting their local environment for generations to come. 

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BBC Radio 4 appeal

BBC Radio 4 appeal

Farm Africa patron Michael Palin shared the story of Ugandan mums Theresa and Longole in the BBC Radio 4 appeal.

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Recipes for Prosperity

Recipes for Prosperity

Donate. Help farming families in eastern Africa. Get your Recipes for Prosperity cookbook!

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We were pleased to welcome Dr Stefan Lock, Dominique Davoux & Mersha Argaw of @EUinEthiopia to the Bale Eco-region,…

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20 May

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